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Nanometrics - Centaur
The Centaur is an all-in-one digitizer, recorder, and telemetry instrument with advanced on-board data processing capable of data manipulation and detecting events in the field. Whether your deployment is portable or permanent, standalone or networked, the choice of digital recorder has never been easier.

Centaur is ideal for multidisciplinary science involving geophysical sensor applications. Available with 3 or 6 channels, which support sensors such as seismometers, microbarometers, and weather stations. The extensive configurability is available via a web interface, which also provides real-time state of health and waveform viewing.
Exceptional Performance
  • Best-in-class dynamic range and low noise, up to 31 bit analog-digital conversion
  • Dual sample rates of up to 5000 sps supports high- and low-frequency applications
  • Hot-swap SD media card up to 64 GB for gap-free data retrieval
  • Onboard 8 GB memory is field-expandable up to 64 GB by adding an internal SD card
  • Support for GNSS (GPS + selectable constellation), PTP (Precision Time Protocol) or NTP time sources and can also act as a timing master
  • High accuracy voltage and current source calibration signal generator
  • Records calibration signal generator output as fourth time series channel
  • Sensor calibration using fully configurable sine and pseudo random binary waveforms or playback of user defined calibration files
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