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EdgeTech - 3200: SBP Chirp

3200 High Penetration Sub-bottom Profiler

The EdgeTech 3200 Sub-bottom Profiling System is a wideband Frequency Modulated (FM) sub-bottom profiler utilizing EdgeTech’s proprietary Full Spectrum CHIRP technology.

The 3200 generates high-resolution images of the sub-bottom stratigraphy in oceans, lakes, and rivers and provides penetration of up to 200m.

The 3200 comes available with a choice of three stable, low drag towfish that operate at different frequencies and can be used at depths of up to 300m.

The selection of towfish depends on the sub bottom characteristics as well as the resolution and penetration requirements.
Along with a towfish, a standard 3200 systems comes with a topside processor running EdgeTech’s DISCOVER sub-bottom acquisition & processing software as well as a customer-specified length of tow cable.
Additional optional sensors are also available.

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