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EdgeTech - 3300 Hull Mount SBP

Hull Mount Sub-Bottom Profiler

EdgeTech has designed and developed a variety of different hull mount sub-bottom profiling systems.
These systems are all based on EdgeTech’s Full Spectrum® Technology, which provides several distinct advantages over conventional sub-bottom systems, including increased penetration and higher resolution.

The tapered waveform spectrum results in images that have virtually constant resolution with depth.
Another advantage is the reduction of side lobes in the effective transducer aperture.
The wide bandwidth of the sweep frequency has an effect of smearing the side lobes of the transducer.

The result is a beam pattern with almost no side lobes.

One of the key features of the EdgeTech systems is the ability to put more than one ping into the water column at the same time.
For deep water surveys, EdgeTech systems support multiple pings stacked in the water to improve along track resolution, altitude information is used to discriminate the return data for each ping.
Typical past 3300 installations are based on 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 and 5×5 array configurations with varying frequencies depending on the application and vessel requirements.

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