CK-14: compact ASV – CODEVINTEC

CK-14 – Totally made in Italy – ASV Carbon fiber and Kevlar hull

CE Marked, highly customizable, equipped with large moon pool is the smallest marine drone capable to support more than 40kg of payload.
Accept a wide range of sensors for various hydrographic applications in inland (rivers, lakes, dams) and coastal waters (harbors, coastal areas).

CK-14 is versatile and is equipped according to various needs very quickly:

  • Echosounders Single e Multibeam
  • Lidar – Laser Scanner
  • SSS – Side Scan Sonar
  • SBP – Sub Bottom Profiler
  • ADCP – Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers
  • Magnetometers
  • CTD and multiparametrics probes
  • Positioning systems GNSS
  • Inertial platforms
  • ….

CK-14 is also available for hire




  • Top quality materials: Carbon fiber and Kevlar hull. Light, hard, rugged, weather and shock proof.
  • State-of-the-art Electronics: total remote control
    and Sestante autopilot option for fully autonomous operations (ASV) in 4G
  • Displacement hull: increased stability and bigger spaces for the payload, shielded from the elements
  • Ready to use: customisable with a wide range of hydrographic and oceanographic sensors
  • Versatile: suitable to be used at sea (harbour and coastal areas) and internal waters (river, lakes, dams, artificial basins, etc.)


  • Lopes of riverbeds
  • Detection of weakness at the base of load-bearing pylons of bridges and infrastructure
  • Surveys in harbours
  • Current profilies
  • River flow calculation
  • Water quality profiling
  • Temporary lakes, inland waters