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Nanometrics - Cascadia Compact

Cascadia Compact
The best of both worlds

What happens when the best class-A accelerometer in the world meets the world’s most popular seismometer?

The Cascadia Compact, formerly the Trillium Cascadia, combines the proven Trillium Compact Posthole with the Class A Titan Posthole in a single posthole instrument. This dual output sensor measures both strong motion and weak motion, with absolutely no compromise in performance. With one hole to dig, a single connector, a single cable and sensor that are guaranteed to be mutually aligned, proper deployment is virtually effortless.


  • Highly portable, easy to install, no vault required
  • Will never go off scale
  • Ideally suited for applications where the amplitude range is unpredictable
  • Features a digital bubble level for easy downhole levelling
  • Suitable for harsh environments, resistant to flooding
  • Minimal site footprint
  • Low cost of deployment/low cost of ownership
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