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Nanometrics - Trillium 120 Posthole Seismometer

The latest generation of the Trillium 120 platform maintains the performance and capabilities of the previous generations while reducing power consumption by over 50%.

The Trillium Posthole Seismometer is designed for down-hole deployments. The instrument is housed in a stainless steel enclosure incorporating a high-pressure, marine-grade connector making it suitable for uncased buried/posthole installations. An advanced leveling system allows the instrument to self-correct over a tilt range of ±5 degrees (±10 degrees optional). It’s ideal for local, regional, and teleseismic studies having a flat response to velocity from 120 seconds to 150 Hz and exceptionally low self-noise. When using the Trillium 120 PH with the Centaur digitizer, you’ll have access to a digital leveling bubble through the Centaur GUI. The virtual leveling bubble makes for easy leveling down a dark hole, or once buried, gives you the ability to check levelness at any time.

  • Low-power consumption of 230 mW minimizes power source requirements at the site
  • The ability to get beneath the noise, even in urban environments, and keep your assets secure
  • Automatic leveling can be remotely initiated for corrections of up to ±5 degrees (±10 degrees optional), simplifying down-hole installation
  • The axis stack is mechanically leveled to ensure that the vertical axis does not couple horizontal noise
  • A robust, waterproof, stainless steel enclosure ensures the sensor is protected from harsh environments
  • Cylindrical down-hole design with 5.6 inch outside diameter facilitates buried deployments
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